We aim to enter the top 10 battery producers in Europe in terms of brand awareness and market share and the top 500 companies in Turkey, until 2020.

Sustainable excellence

Esan Akü is among the most successful companies of Turkey in the industry with its turnover, exports and the number of employees.

Continuously reinforcing its position with national and international awards, Esan Akü continues all its activities with the principle of environmental protection, social responsibility and employee and customer satisfaction.

With its growing sales network and organization, regional dealer, secondary dealer and post-sale service points throughout the country, Esan Akü is continuing the path it started in 1978 to become a world brand.

Our Policy

We value humans

We are a company committed to, employee satisfaction for customer satisfaction,

Investment in employees for qualified human resources,

Belief that everyone should be the leader of their work,

We believe what we do

Environment friendliness,

Emphasis on occupational safety activities,

Observing and conforming to laws and regulations,

Fulfilling the requirements of integrated management system, in order to put forth quality processes and products,

Not following, but leading innovations,

Thus we are creating POZITIVE ENERGY with our team and brands.

Message From The General Manager

Dear Customers of ESAN,

We have been undergoing a significant transformation and progress in manufacture during recent years. We are proceeding with great steps and determinedness towards becoming a technological industry, from a large production facility.

Last year we had set aim for a quantity of 1,000,000. However the aim of 1,000,000 batteries is not just about numbers, it also means becoming major actor in our industry.

We shall become even closer to this target when our new factory starts operating. With our new factory, high technology and our investments, we shall become one of the leading companies of our industry and our country.

With these objectives;

Esan Battery shall strive to become a corporation to provide employment for future generations, following technologies, performing R&D works, producing high value-added products, and most important of all, with qualifies human resources.

I wish you many more years to spend together with Positive Energy.

C. Atilla Birmiş

​Esan Battery General Manager




ISO 14001 Certificate                                      BS OHSAS 18001 Certificate                                 ISO 9001 Certificate

Human Resources

The most essential source behind our success is HUMAN RESOURCES.



Our policy comprises recruiting the right people for the right job, selecting the high potentials at our company, evaluating their goals and performances, making their career plans through promotions and appointments as well as sustaining a long-term cooperation with our employees by virtue of our customer oriented approach.


Our mission aims at ensuring that Esan Akü will become the most preferred company for qualified employees in the automotive supply industry area.


Our vision consists of creating an occupational environment that grants a sense of security to our employees, ensuring employee satisfaction, and becoming the most preferred company in the sector as well as sustaining such position by virtue improving the knowledge, skills and qualifications, and thus increasing the potentials, of the qualified employees of our company being customer oriented and attaching importance to ethical values.


Positive Ideas arise from our Positive Energy.

In starting off on the grounds of its philosophy “those doing the job in the best way know it”, Esan Battery put into practice its Positive Ideas Suggestion System in 2013. By this means, we ensure that our employees are closely involved with decisions with regard to the work they perform as well as with the operations, and thus we ensure that they increase the quality/efficiency of their work. In starting off on the grounds of the win-win principle, we objectively evaluate the suggestions made by our employees and thus, we create a team possessing a high internal motivation.