Heavy Vehicles Batteries

Special lead acid battery produced to provide the high ampere requirements of heavy and heavy duty vehicles with its high cranking power.

Thanks to technological manufacture of Esan Battery, it provides high performance even in the most extreme conditions with its leaktightness and endurance against heavy vibration and shock.

• Suitable for intensive usage, special internal structure and high performance design to fulfill high cranking power and cycle requirements
• High life performance with special design alloy to prevent deep discharges
• Reinforced cell stabilizer systems for extreme vibration conditions
• Minimum water loss with it’s special alloy features and high corrosion resistance
• Long cycle life and vibration performance with it’s low internal resistance and special enveloped glass mat seperators

Technicial Specifications Directions For Use
Military Purposes Batteries

Esan Tank Series is designed according to NATO standards for military purpose vehicles.

Esan Akü Tank Series, which provides the energy needs of the systems like communication, night vision etc used in tanks, provides extra security with special plates, separators and lids for tanks that is subject to shocks and impacts in fields.

Technicial Specifications Directions For Use

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