Marine Batteries

Marin batteries which are developed by ESAN battery for the marine vehicles, are designed according to marine platform needs and usage conditions with sealed maintanance free Technology to fulfill the leaktightness against vibration and shaking.

In addition to high crancing power comes from special alloys and paste formulation Esan Marine batteries performs very high level of endurance even in sea conditions with its corrosion resistance.

• High endurance performance with special formulae of active material against deep discharge
• Marine container and lid specifications developed especially for the sea conditions and 55 ° inclination
• High performance with internal structure designed to supply high energy requirements and suitable for intense usage.
• Reinforced cell fixing elements against harsh vibration conditions
• High corrosion resistance and minimum water loss with special alloys
• High endurance and vibration performance with low electrical resistance specially enveloped seperators.

Technicial Specifications Directions For Use

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