Start & Stop Batteries

Start & Stop Batteries

Esan Akü's Start & Stop batteries are designed to provide the intensive energy and cranking requirements of vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

There are two types of Start & Stop batteries EFB and AGM. These batteries have high charge-up capabilities as well as high cranking and cycle capacities in very short time of period compared to standard batteries.

These are Enhanced Flooded Start & Stop batteries. Internal structure, alloy and plates have special designs. These type of ESAN batteries perform approximate two times more cycle perfomance compared to same capacity standart batteries.

These batteries are the AGM version of the VRLA (Valf Regulated Lead Acid) type and these are the highest level in lead-acid battery technology. Normally, VRLA batteries operates off to the atmosphere with it’s valf regulation. These are eco-friedly batteries, minimizes water losses by converting the oxygen gas which is generated by chemical reactions back into water. These batteries perform superior self discharge and cycle performance with their special alloyed internal structure and low internal resistance values. These are suitable for confined spaces.

AGM batteries are used in Start&Stop type high segment vehicles requiring high energy. This type of batteries have higher endurance and crancing performances wrt EFB type.

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