Export Sales Network

Export Sales Network

Esan Battery Foreign Trade

Exporting 65% of its annual production, Esan Battery obtains the majority of its machinery and raw material required for production from overseas.

Offering its products only to the local market during its first years, after the technological investments it performed during the last 10 years, it has increased its production capacity and begun to provide products at international standards. Following significant steps taken during recent years, it has gained its place among important actors in the European, South American and African markets, following the Middle East and Caucasia, which have been leading regions in export for many years.

Esen Battery is increasing its brand awareness every year, by continuing to participate in the most prestigious fairs of the automotive industry in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Esan Battery aims to grow even further together with its existing and new partners, in its active markets, without compromising on product and service quality.

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