Message From The General Manager

Message From The General Manager

Dear Customers of ESAN;

We have been undergoing a significant transformation and progress in manufacture during recent years. We are proceeding with great steps and determinedness towards becoming a technological industry, from a large production facility.

Last year we had set aim for a quantity of 1,000,000. However the aim of 1,000,000 batteries is not just about numbers, it also means becoming major actor in our industry.

We shall become even closer to this target when our new factory starts operating. With our new factory, high technology and our investments, we shall become one of the leading companies of our industry and our country.

With these objectives;

Esan Battery shall strive to become a corporation to provide employment for future generations, following technologies, performing R&D works, producing high value-added products, and most important of all, with qualifies human resources.

I wish you many more years to spend together with Positive Energy.

C. Atilla Birmiş
​Esan Battery General Manager

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