What is AGM Battery?

What is AGM Battery?

      AGM battery, which means impregnated glass fiber in Turkish, is examined in the dry battery group. It finds many different types of batteries according to the characteristics of each vehicle. The production need of the AGM battery has arisen due to the inadequacy of conventional batteries in military vehicles and airplanes, due to their lack of safe use and high performance. It is both the most ideal battery type for vehicles in this field and is suitable for the system of vehicles with start-stop technology. We can talk about a wide area of use in the question of where AGM batteries are used. With the technology of these batteries, which can be preferred under the start-stop battery category, users experience the highest efficiency and safe use.

What are the Features of AGM Battery?

      One of the most striking features of AGM batteries is that they are much lighter than wet batteries. It is very important for vehicle safety that the batteries do not play in the car mechanism. In these batteries, an order is created for high security purposes. Batteries almost never cause shaking and displacement. Apart from that, its advantageous features are many;

  • It provides high resistance in the charge-discharge cycle of the battery operating mechanism. With this feature, it is also suitable for use in vehicles with start-stop technology.
  • They charge much faster than gel batteries. It has long-lasting uses.
  • There is no decrease in performance in charge-discharge processes.
  • Since there is no sulfate formation, shelf waiting time is also long.
  • In these batteries, which are produced with glass fiber feature in accordance with military use, rapid matting and drying occurs in cases such as spillage. This provides a much safer use.
  • Acid or gas leaks are so few that they do not occur.
  • It offers a choice of amperage between 100-300 Ah. It can be used in quite different areas such as mobile vehicles, caravans, renewable energy systems, passenger vehicles, battery powered chairs.

What are the Advantages of AGM Battery?

      Thanks to the technology it has in AGM batteries, we can talk about many advantages. They are in the dry battery group and with this feature, they provide higher performance than gel batteries. If the differences between the AGM battery and the gel battery are considered, the advantages can be much more obvious. First of all, it is very important that the batteries do not leak and displace at the point of safe use. This will both shorten the life of the battery and create adverse conditions for the vehicle. Preventing these situations is a very plus feature in AGM batteries compared to gel batteries. Among other major advantages, we can count the following;

  • It provides much higher performance than other batteries in cold weather, which is the most important thing for batteries.
  • It can be charged fast.
  • It also prevents leaks at the maximum level by having oxygen and hydrogen compounds. With this feature, it is a type of battery that does not require extra maintenance.

What is the Lifespan of AGM Battery?

      We can consider ampere power as AGM battery types. AGM battery can start with 70 amps and go up to 300 aH. This may vary depending on the characteristics of the vehicle and its usage area. We can see models such as 80 amp AGM battery, 95 amp agm battery mostly in passenger cars or commercial vehicles. A 100 amp AGM battery is generally used with heavy commercial vehicles. The service life of AGM batteries can also vary according to both amperage power and temperature. It also has a long shelf life. As of the moment it started to be used, it can be mentioned that it can be used for 7-10 years at low temperatures. However, with increasing temperatures, this figure may be 5 years. It also provides high efficiency in charge-discharge processes within the AGM start-stop battery technology. Therefore, it does not lose much from its performance. This also prolongs the life of the battery. In your search for the best start-stop battery, you can review the varieties offered by Esan Akü on our website. After determining the battery suitable for your vehicle, you can procure products from the nearest contracted dealers and continue your safe and high-performance driving pleasure.

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AGM Battery Usage Areas

      The field of use in AGM batteries is quite diverse. They can be mixed with EFB batteries due to their compatibility with start-stop technology. However, apart from their similar features, there are differences that distinguish them. What stands out as the differences between EFB battery and AGM battery is that EFBs are from the wet battery category and AGM is from the dry battery category. Although both are suitable for start-stop technology, AGM batteries provide much longer performance. AGM batteries are used in vehicles with brake energy recovery and EFB batteries are used in vehicles without brake energy recovery. We can also use EFB batteries instead of conventional flooded batteries. The usage areas of AGM batteries include many different areas. We can see these batteries in telecommunication systems, caravans, renewable energy systems, power chairs and mobile vehicles. In addition, if we are going to discuss another issue whether AGM battery can be installed instead of EFB battery, if there is a system with start-stop technology, AGM battery can be preferred instead of EFB.

How to Charge AGM Battery?

       We can say that AGM batteries charge faster than other batteries. This is a very advantageous situation and users may prefer AGM because of this feature. In this regard, the ambient temperature can be very decisive. Fast charging may not occur at high temperatures, and otherwise, if the battery is charged in a hot environment, it may experience negative effects. An ideal ambient temperature is important in charging processes. In addition, if the agm is a 70 amp battery, the battery from which the booster will be taken must also have the same characteristics. In addition, these batteries, which are in the status of start-stop, dry battery, need to be supplemented by batteries with the same characteristics in the charging process. 70 amp AGM start-stop battery should not get boost from gel battery.

What Should Be Considered While Charging AGM Battery?

      Here, the decisive limit for ambient temperature is 49 degrees. It was stated that AGM batteries provide high efficiency at low temperatures in terms of performance. In the same way, this is sought in charging processes. You should be careful that the ambient temperature does not exceed 49 degrees. Otherwise, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from the charging process, and the battery may even lose its functionality and high performance.

  • Even if the charger is operating, the device should have an automatic shutdown feature.
  • Make sure that it is connected to the charger or other battery in the most correct and best way.
  • If the battery gets very hot during charging, be sure to stop the process.
  • The ambient temperature should be ideal and dry.

      Although AGM batteries are a maintenance-free technology, users should be very careful when charging or boosting. Start-stop battery prices may differ in EFB and AGM preferences. AGMs provide very high performance and long-term use. Apart from this, both the vehicle used and the price ratio will change between 70 amp start-stop battery or 300 Ah. Choosing the most suitable battery for your vehicle is important in terms of performance. In an incorrect use, battery and vehicle performance, system may be damaged. You can review Esan Akü products to choose the most suitable AGM battery. At Esan Akü, which strengthens its years of experience with its successes increasing day by day, you can find a product suitable for every budget in terms of AGM battery prices.

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