Marine Battery

      Developed by ESAN AKÜ for marine applications, Marine batteries are designed according to the energy needs and usage conditions of vehicles operating in these areas, and are produced with fully enclosed technology. They have a central gas outlet system with a maintenance-free, fully closed cover technology, and they are superior-featured batteries that provide high safety and impermeability as well as flame arrester feature.

      They are maintenance-free batteries that are resistant to vibration and heavy use conditions with their fixation systems, in addition to the developed alloy grid, active material, internal structural elements and fiber separators, the formula of which is prepared by ESAN AKÜ. Their cycle life is longer than standard batteries, maximum shelf life is provided with minimum standby losses, and they are suitable for seasonal waiting.

      There are different types of vehicles with different usage areas and principles. The most important factor affecting their operation is the battery. Battery types are also designed and produced according to these different vehicle classes. Each of them can have different energy capacities and interior design. Marine batteries, on the other hand, are a battery model produced for marine vehicles within this diversity. Some distinctive features can stand out in marine battery models compared to other batteries. Esan Akü, the best user and environmentally friendly battery brand, also prefers the most advanced technological processes in the production of marine batteries.

What is Marine Battery?

      The working principle of batteries is the same in all types. However, models such as start-stop battery or start-stop battery may have a different working principle compared to standard or dry batteries. This different working function is also seen in marine batteries used in marine vehicles. If we look at the review of what is a marine battery, with what features it stands out, they have a maintenance-free internal structure. It provides a high security use with its fully closed cover technology. It also has a central gas outlet system and flame arrester feature in this system. With the water splashing or sealing feature, the situations that may occur on the battery are prevented. Resists shaking, heavy-continuous use. With the improved option of the alloy grid formula, the battery is fixed at the best rate. Marine battery life has the longest shelf life with its high cycle feature within battery waiting times. Standby losses are minimal.

What are the Usage Areas of Marine Battery?

Marine batteries designed for the use of marine vehicles; It is preferred in ships, boats and yachts. Esan Akü is offered to your preference in the Marine Premium category according to the different energy capacities required by these vehicles.

What Should Be Considered While Using Marine Battery?

There are situations that require different attention in the use of marine batteries compared to other batteries.

  • Battery charging is a factor that determines its performance and lifespan. Cycle life is also higher in marine batteries. There are seasonal waiting periods. Therefore, they must be preserved very well during this period.
  • The battery can be protected by covering it against liquid or solid objects falling on it during waiting periods.
  • Likewise, there is a slight chance of acid leakage during waiting times or active use of the battery. To prevent this from causing adverse situations, you can place a container under the battery.
  • In some cases, electrolyte leakage may occur on the batteries. In order to prevent this, the terminals of the battery must be fixed in the best possible way.
  • The battery preferred in marine batteries must be fixed in such a way that it does not move, even against the strongest shock.
  • There should be no material other than the battery cable near or above the battery assembly.

What are the Usage Purposes of Marine Batteries?

      Marine batteries are designed for the use of ships, yachts and boats. However, they can be preferred with different battery types in this usage area. We review them as starter or equipment batteries.

Equipment Battery

      The equipment battery is mostly preferred for operating vehicles used in situations such as personal needs in the boat. Examples of these tools are heaters, refrigerators, GPS, phone chargers, and radio. It gives energy current independently from the vehicle's engine battery. Therefore, it is longer lasting.

Starter Battery

      It transfers the energy current required to operate the watercraft. Thanks to this system, the engine, propeller and generator of the boat, yacht or ship are operated.

What is the Difference of Marine Battery from Other Batteries?

      We used to see batteries as standard or passenger car batteries with start-stop technology within the working principle. In the same way, different working principles of vehicles can be found in marine batteries. Different choices can be made such as marine gel battery, agm marine battery. Before getting marine battery advice, you should know the working technology of the marine vehicle in the best way. These batteries have features different from other batteries.

  • They have stronger internal structures as they are designed against adverse weather conditions and jolts at sea. It is less likely to malfunction.
  • They have high cycle life.
  • They show high resistance to corrosion formation.
  • It can be said that maintenance is not required in these batteries, where liquid loss is almost never experienced.
  • It has a special internal structure design with fiber material. There are separators that prevent rapid discharge.

Marine Battery Prices

      The starting technology of each vehicle and the battery energy it needs differs. Battery prices can also be determined as a result of these differences. The same criteria are taken into account for marine battery prices. The battery specifications they need can change within the dimensions of ships, boats or yachts. 120, 180 or 105 amp marine battery prices or marine gel battery prices may vary depending on the usage area. You can get help from the Esan Akü web page for vehicle and battery compatibility. At Esan Akü, which produces batteries with its high-tech equipment as battery supply, you can also access the products you want as marine battery types.