What are the Battery Types?

What are the Battery Types?

Batteries Today;

  • Lead - Acid,
  • Lithium - Ion,
  • Nickel Metal - Hydride,
  • Nickel - Cadmium,
  • Nickel - Iron etc. They are produced in varieties and take their identification names from the base metals used.
Lead-Acid Batteries;

      It is the most common type of battery and these batteries are basically defined as dry and wet.

1. Flooded Batteries;

      Widely used Automotive starter batteries are referred to as SLI (defined by the English initials of the words Start, Lighting and Ignition).

Automotive batteries are divided into two as fully closed or with openable plugs. In closed batteries, the plugs cannot be opened.

  • Traction (CER, forklift) Flooded Batteries,
  • Stationary (fixed plant) Flooded Batteries.
2. Dry Batteries (VRLA);

     It is the latest in lead-acid battery technology. The Turkish equivalent of the VRLA nomenclature is “Valve regulated lead acid-battery”. These batteries are also divided into two as AGM and Gel.

  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Electrolyte is impregnated in the separators,
  • Come; (Gelled electrolyte) They are batteries whose electrolyte has been made into gel. Both of them work closed to the atmosphere, water loss is minimized by gas recycling and they are completely maintenance-free batteries.

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