How to Understand Battery Production Date?

How to Understand Battery Production Date?

       The battery is the mechanism that provides the electrical energy needed by the vehicles. Battery energy is needed for the operation of vehicles and electrical components. It has a structure based on charging and discharging processes. In other words, situations such as the operation of the vehicle, the operation of the electrical components are discharged, and there are charging processes at the point where the vehicle stops. Meanwhile, it still loses power. In other words, the battery life may end after a certain period of time. In order to determine this period, it is necessary to learn the battery production date. This information may be in different places in each battery.

What is the Battery Production Date?

       There are cases that should be considered in terms of shelf life in battery maintenance. Because batteries do not start to be used immediately after production. They are kept in specially prepared storage warehouses until the sale takes place. Even if the battery does not perform the working process, it can discharge. It is the ambient temperature that affects it. Therefore, they can be subjected to charging processes at certain time intervals. The battery date indicates the date the battery was manufactured. By looking at this, you can have information about the staying power. While some companies have numbers and text, some companies can indicate this with a code.

Why is Battery Production Date Important?

       Well, if we come to the question of why the battery production date reading is important, the batteries have a certain lifetime on average. Thanks to the control of this information, a booster can be applied to the battery in order not to encounter any problems on the road. However, battery date reading is also important at the point of supplying the battery. If it is a battery that you will just start using, you should check the date of manufacture. The important thing here is that the reduced power can be completed by adding power. However, some parts of the battery may experience oxidation during the waiting period. We can see this mostly at the battery terminals. In such a case, it will affect the working operation of the battery.

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Where is the production date of Esan Akü written?

       There may be a different situation for each brand in terms of where the battery production date is written. In general, this information is prepared in accordance with European Union standards. In this option, there may be different options such as text, numbers and codes. You may need to know your brand's preference to find the battery manufacturing date. If we specify with examples, some companies have a number-number-letter order of production date. Let's think of it as 108b, where 10 days, 8 means 2018, and B represents February. For Esan Akü production date inquiry, the negative pole area on the battery or on the battery can be checked. Esan Akü's production date is also learned with the code GGGYMV. DD is the day, Y is the year, M is the assembly number, and V is the shift number.

Does the Battery Have an Expiration Date?

       Where the year of the battery is written or the status of reading the date of the battery may differ for each company. Likewise, there are different options regarding the expiry date and shelf life of the battery. This is different from the shelf life of the battery when it is used. Esan Akü's shelf life generally covers a period of 12 months. This is also guaranteed by the document. Depending on the battery type, this situation also changes.

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