Industrial Batteries

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Industrial Batteries

      Forklift Batteries are high-capacity and long-lasting batteries used in electric powered floor cleaning machines, stacking machines, electric construction machines used as personnel carriers, machines used in railways, lifting vehicles and golf carts. With its modern production technologies and specially prepared product recipe, Esan Tractioner - Forklift Batteries offer high capacity and long service life.

  • Suitable for all voltage and cell configurations
  • Sheet metal frame designs in different sizes according to each volt and capacity
  • Insulated bolts and connectors that increase user safety and simplify maintenance and repair
  • A complete range of accessories to meet almost any need
  • Suitable for all applications from light duty to heavy duty.

Product Range (DIN – BS)

      Esan Akü Traction Series has plate diversity in the range of 60 Amps - 155 Amps in DIN standards, and between 55 Amps-105 Amps in BS standards. Esan Battery Traction Series; It has all the capacities needed for floor cleaning machines, machines used in railways, stacking machines, lifting platforms, golf carts, conveyor belts and mine locomotives.

Usage areas:

  • Forklifts
  • Electric pallet trucks
  • Cleaning machines
  • Mining locomotives
  • Stacking platforms
  • Golf tools
  • Conveyor belts