Traction Battery

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      Traction, which is derived from the word traction, which means movement, performs the function that provides movements such as pulling or pushing. This feature is also used in traction battery products. These batteries are used in areas where operations such as pulling, pushing or carrying are needed. We see them mostly in factories and production places in closed or open areas. Traction battery types with high capacity and long service life have also been diversified into the usage areas of vehicles.

What is Traction Battery?

       Traction batteries are among the battery types produced mostly for mobile vehicles among industrial batteries. It works by connecting cells consisting of 2 volts together. These cells can be used in varying numbers in line with needs and requests. The cells are connected to each other with high-conductive copper cables of 35-50-70 and 90 mm2 sizes. Then it is placed inside the battery case. As a result of this process, batteries with capacities of 24-48 and 80 volts can be produced in line with the needs.

Traction Battery Features

       Each cell in the system of these batteries has 2 volts of energy. As a result of connecting the cells in series, the required voltage and amperage are obtained. Traction batteries are produced with lead acid technology and have negative and positive lead plates. Compared to other batteries, they show much more resistance to charge-discharge cycles. It has a usage option ranging from 120 Ah to 1550 Ah. Cell connections are also connected in such a way as to obtain power/hour to meet these needs.

What are the Usage Areas of Traction Batteries?

       We can see these batteries mostly in the transport and stacking machines of the production areas in closed areas. However, it also has a wide range of uses.

  • forklift vehicles
  • stackers
  • boats and caravans
  • golf tools
  • pallet trucks
  • Cleaning machines (floor cleaning machines, etc.)
  • conveyor belts
  • Electric work vehicles (airport vehicles, underground mining vehicles)

       The amperage and voltage value heard for each vehicle will be different. While the need for forklift battery may be 24V 240 Ah traction battery, this value can be very different for caravan battery, boat battery or conveyor belt battery. After determining the traction battery that your vehicle needs, you can get information about the products and traction battery prices from Esan Akü categories.

How to Maintain and Repair Traction Battery?

  • Connection cables should also be checked regularly, and if there are loose points, they should be tightened.
  • If necessary, an equalization charge can be applied to the battery and the cells can be replaced.
  • In cases where the electrolyte level drops, pure water should be added at the required rate.
  • During the regular maintenance to be carried out during the year, the cutting voltage values of the work machine should be checked together with the balancing charge, that is, the rectifier charge.
  • Leakage of electrolyte can damage the battery. That's why you should use the autofill option. Thanks to this method, equal amounts of pure water are added to each cell and the battery is not damaged.

What Should Be Done for Traction Batteries to Have a Long Life?

      Traction batteries are preferred in mobile vehicles, so regular maintenance is required. As a working principle, there is a frequently repeated charging and discharging process. For this reason, batteries may experience water loss or discharge losses may occur in cells operating in conjunction with each other in the battery. Continuous control of these determines the battery life. Considering that such vehicles are used frequently during the day, we can say that the charge-discharge process is different than other vehicles. If charging is done once a day, traction batteries can have an average of 4 years of service life. This frequency of use may be more applicable to forklift batteries and work machines. This may be less so with caravan or boat batteries. Their useful life may vary depending on this situation.

How Are Traction Battery Prices?

      It can be said that light or heavy commercial vehicle batteries are used mostly in vehicles used for transportation and transportation. However, in some places, traction batteries are used for moving vehicles. In traction batteries, considering the characteristics of the vehicles, it can be determined that each does not work at the same rate on a daily basis. The capacity and working frequency of each vehicle in the area it is preferred varies. A different capacity traction battery is preferred for caravans with long-term use. This is also taken into account when choosing a caravan battery. The vehicle and its features are also effective in determining the price of the traction battery. Forklift battery prices, golf cart battery prices or boat battery prices are determined by the battery to be preferred according to the usage characteristics of these vehicles. You can get your battery needs for your traction vehicles from Esan Akü with the most advantageous and high quality options.