Our History

     Esan Battery and Materials Industry. and Tic. A.S. was established in 1978 in Istanbul. Continuing its production activities in 4th Levent for many years, Esan Battery built a new facility in Ayazaga in 1999 due to its increasing business volume and growing organizational structure, and moved all its production and management activities to this facility. Esan Battery is the number 1 and also the founding member of the AKUDER Accumulator and Recycling Industrialists' Association, which was authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2005.

     With its growing sales network and organization, Esan Battery continues its activities in more than 200 dealers and after-sales service points in the country, and also exports 65% of its production to more than 60 countries in 4 continents. Moving all its management, operation and production activities to its modern facilities in Gebze with its increasing sales network and organization in 2016, Esan Battery has adopted environmental awareness and customer satisfaction as its principles with its 42 years of experience.

     Esan Battery; It has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates. Esan Battery, which was registered as an R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2018, continues its IATF 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System certification studies.

     In line with the Industry 4.0 target, it has become a pioneer in its sector with its smart production systems, robot and automation systems, high-tech charging systems and specially designed machines.

   Continuing its activities with the slogan of "Positive Energy", Esan Battery will continue its pioneering role in the sector in the future with its visionary investments and qualified manpower.

  • 1978 – Established: Maslak / Istanbul
  • 1985 – Branding Process Begins: Esan, Energy, Vega and PureEnergy
  • 1997 – Esan in Global Markets: First Export Agreement
  • 1998 – Change of Flag: Second Generation in Management
  • 1999 – Modern Production Facilities: Ayazağa/Şişli
  • 2005 – Number 1 and Founding Member of AKUDER
  • 2006 – Quality Assurance Systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • 2008 – Pioneer in Technological Transformation: Fully Closed Battery Production
  • 2010 – We are growing: Esan Accumulator and Materials San. Trade A.Ş. Establishment
  • 2011 – Exmet Investment: Production Capacity; 1 Million 200 Thousand Years
  • 2014 – Technological Innovations: Line Automation, Robot Usage and Battery Charging Systems
  • 2016 – We Are In Our New Production Facility! 20.000m2 Production Area in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone
  • 2016 – Using the Latest Technologies in Battery Charging Systems
  • 2016 – Production Capacity: 2 Million 500 Thousand Pieces per Year
  • 2017 – Industry Leader with Production Speed, Efficiency, Robot Usage, Automation, Ergonomics and New Generation Environmental Protection Systems
  • 2018 – Preparation for the Future: Esan Battery R&D Center Approved by the Ministry of Industry
  • 2018 – Export to More than 50 Countries in 3 Continents, New Investments with the Vision of Industry Leader in Technology
  • 2019 - Esan Plastik: Opening of Box Cover Production Facility
  • 2020 - Start - Stop EFB Battery Serial Production
  • 2021 - Opening of Esan Metal Production Facility