What is EFB Battery?

What is EFB Battery?

      Today, vehicle usage is seen more intensely in the city. The density of public transportation, work and school buses and private vehicles in traffic at the beginning and end of the working hours affects vehicle usage. With the increasing number of vehicles, traffic can sometimes come to a standstill. At such moments, vehicles often repeat the stop-start process. This means vehicles burn more fuel. In order to reduce this and the environmental pollution it affects, EFB batteries have been produced. They are used in hybrid vehicles produced in order to reduce fuel consumption in stop and go operations. Due to this feature, it was necessary to use a different battery for vehicles with start-stop technology. The EFB start stop battery is produced exactly for this need.

EFB Technology Features

      In order to reduce fuel consumption, start-stop vehicles produced need different batteries in accordance with their working principles. EFB and AGM batteries are also available and compatible with this technology. These two types of batteries have different principles. If we look at the meaning of EFB, they are known as aqueous batteries developed in Turkish. Enhanced EFB battery features are suitable for start-stop vehicles. In the manufacture of the battery, the positive parts are covered with polyester cloths. Carbon support is also given on the negative plates. With these differences, they can be used for a longer time and can be charged more efficiently. As for charging, there are similar methods with other battery types in the How to charge EFB battery section. There are chargers that can power in EFB mode. During charging, the EFB battery charge voltage should be 15.80 and should never exceed this. In addition, the ambient temperature should be between 25-35 degrees. After the charging process, the device should be turned off, if there is a decrease in the electrolyte level, water should be added.

What are the Differences Between EFB Battery and AGM Battery?

If your vehicle is hybrid, you should use EFB battery or AGM battery instead of normal battery. Both batteries produced or found compatible with these vehicles may show different characteristics among themselves.

  • EFB batteries are examined in the category of aqueous batteries, and AGM batteries are examined in the category of dry batteries. With this feature, EFB provides more functions and high performance.
  • AGM batteries can show the most advanced features among batteries in general. They can be used not only in start-stop vehicles, but also in other vehicles in case of suitability.
  • If the brake system has recovery feature, AGM battery is preferred, if not, EFB battery is preferred.
  • EFB batteries have 2 times longer lifetime than a battery of the same specification. They can charge in a short time.
  • AGM batteries have a leak-proof feature. It has a longer service life and more starting power than flooded batteries.

      Both batteries, which we can see as user and environment friendly, are influenced by their features at their price points. EFB battery prices can also be determined by its features and brand assurance. Combining years of experience with technology, Esan Akü is among the leading forces of the sector and continues to provide power to those who want to make their choices in favor of quality.

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EFB Battery for Vehicles with Start & Stop Technology

      Technologies and products compatible with this technology should be used in vehicles with Start Stop technology. The battery is one of these parts. The energy needed by the vehicle and the provision of it differs from other vehicles. AGM and EFB batteries, which we know as start-stop batteries, are also produced in accordance with the vehicle's system. EFB batteries are very efficient in terms of not consuming energy as they do not need to be constantly recharged. They do not need alternator support to work in start-stop compatibility. The working average can be over 80,000. EFB Battery 70 Ampere, 60, 72 amp EFB battery can have 100 or 115 amp capacities. You can choose them to be completely compatible with your vehicle. For example, 72 amp start-stop batteries may be preferred for private use cars. It is resistant to vibrations and provides high efficiency. You can take a look at Esan Akü products to determine 72 amp efb battery prices or the battery suitable for your vehicle.

Advantages of EFB Batteries

  • The EFB battery, which is a 60 amp start-stop battery, can go up to 550 A for the vehicle's starting current.
  • If the EFB battery maintenance is done correctly and routinely, it can provide up to 12 years of life in terms of life.
  • They charge faster.
  • With low temperature operation, low evaporation and low electrolyte, EFB battery life can be considerably longer.
  • Among the start-stop battery prices, according to AGM, they are also affordable in terms of cost and demand.
EFB technology for cars

The EFB battery used in these vehicles, which we will consider as special vehicles, provides special advantages.

  • It provides twice as much efficiency as the others in terms of charging and battery performance.
  • They charge better and faster.
  • Since they are produced in a temperature-resistant format, the efficiency they provide is sustainable.
  • They are ideal batteries for vehicles that need a lot of power, as the brake system does not have a recovery feature.
  • It provides more and high starting power.
EFB technology for commercial vehicles

       Commercial vehicles may also need high power and low maintenance. High starter numbers on a daily basis can also be seen in commercial vehicles. EFB batteries, which are preferred accordingly, provide high comfort to commercial vehicles with start-stop technology.

  • It continues to work efficiently at high temperatures.
  • It stands out with its vibration-resistant form in commercial vehicles traveling on different roads, whether rough or flat.
  • Thanks to its special cover design, protection against water splashes inside the mechanism is provided.
  • It also reduces the warranty costs within the scope of the problems that may occur due to the battery.

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