Lorry & Truck Batteries

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      We can examine lorry and truck batteries used for transportation within heavy commercial vehicle batteries. We see that these vehicles, which are especially preferred for the logistics and construction sectors, are used as firefighting and road cleaning vehicles in public services as well as material transportation. Considering all these variety of usage areas, there are features required for lorry battery or truck battery. We can briefly describe these as high performance, high cranking power and resistance to vibration. Esan Akü also has different alternatives in this category that you can choose from. You can examine the lorry and truck batteries produced with the latest technologies in line with the energy capacity suitable for your vehicle, right now on our website.

Esan Akü Lorry Battery

     The energy needed by the vehicles is met by the batteries. There may be differences in this energy depending on the vehicle types and the technical equipment they have. The battery energy and features required by a normal passenger car and a lorry will be different. That's why we examine batteries under various categories. Batteries produced for heavy commercial vehicles are batteries that maintain their efficiency without losing performance in longer uses. Lorry batteries are also used to transport loads, garbage and cleaning vehicles in public service, fire trucks, etc. are tools to assist you in stages. If we consider the frequency of use and the areas where they are used, it can be stated that the technical design of the battery will be different together with the battery ampere and volt capacity. Because these vehicles can be operational all day long, headlights and interior lighting, air conditioning, radio and USB features can be used continuously. Accordingly, the highest performance and durability are expected from the battery.

Lorry Battery Features

      Lorry batteries can be used on rough roads and terrains as well as flat roads. Under such conditions, liquid spillage on the battery or corrosion may occur depending on seasonal conditions. These are conditions that shorten the life of the battery. As a precaution, lorry batteries have a vibration and vibration resistant design. Corrosion formation is prevented. It has features that do not require much maintenance. In the technical specifications section, questions such as how many amps a lorry battery should be or how many kilograms a lorry battery should be can be seen. The amperage capacity here may vary depending on the vehicle. Along with the amount of energy, the weight of the battery also differs. However, in the number of volts section of the lorry battery, we come across the 12 volt option, which is generally preferred for heavy vehicles. However, there is also a 24v lorry battery option in line with different features. For 12v, 24 volt lorry battery and 24 volt lorry battery prices, you can browse the Esan Akü categories.

Esan Akü Truck Battery

      Truck batteries have the same needs as trucks. Trucks are vehicles that are required by local or international trade in logistics and freight transport. They can work in very different terrain and seasonal conditions. Engine powers and revs are much higher. Therefore, the battery energy capacity is made by choosing the battery placement much more carefully. Esan Akü also has battery types with the most suitable capacities and features for these vehicle types. You can review the products and truck battery prices on our website, and you can get your products from the nearest dealer.

Truck Battery Features

      Compared to passenger vehicles, both the capacity they carry and the conditions they use are very different. Therefore, the amperage requirement in truck batteries is also different. We can state that the batteries can be very different in line with the vehicle dimensions and engine powers. With the special grid system, precautions are taken against spills and corrosion. The anti-vibration design can also be demonstrated in this system. We can see much stronger energy capacities in terms of how many amperes of the truck battery. Therefore, the weight ratio is also higher. Likewise, these features are also effective in determining the price. 180 amp battery prices and 240 amp prices will be different. In other words, the amperage characteristics of the truck battery determine how many kilos. We can see more 12 volt options at the point of how many volts the truck battery will be.

Lorry- Truck Battery Prices

      The working principle of each battery is the same, but the elements that make up them and their quality differ. Esan Akü makes use of the most special and new technologies for heavy commercial vehicles in the supply of batteries both in and out of the country. These types of vehicles are specially designed to provide their long performance in the most reliable way. This is the most important factor affecting the performance of the products. Esan Akü has become a leading and powerful company by responding to the needs in the sector in the most correct way so far. It continues to increase its success day by day. You can visit our categories for the best quality lorry battery prices and truck battery prices.

Truck - Truck Battery Advantages

  • They provide high durability with special fiber-coated separators.
  • They are resistant to shaking/vibration.
  • They have anti-corrosion properties.
  • They consume the least amount of water.
  • They don't need much maintenance.
  • They can be used comfortably under severe conditions such as transportation, public service or freight transport.
  • They have plates in durable design.
  • The connections at the poles are very strong.
  • They have a special grill design.
  • They can maintain their high performance for a long time.